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10 Facts Nobody (Not Even Your Mom) Told You About Pregnancy
You’ve probably heard a lot of facts about pregnancy. Morning sickness, hiccups, no sleep, strange food preferences. You don’t know which are true and which are myths. Of course, you may think – everything is individual, and no pregnant woman feels absolutely the same as another one. But it’s all about physiology, and some things are just inevitable. You have to know what to expect from being pregnant.

Are you sure you are ready to find out all the truth about this 9 month period of carrying a baby? Then keep reading. Crazy Dreams Mode On  During pregnancy you can expect to see anything in your dreams – from a unicorn with the face of Michael Jackson to the galaxy far far away. Weird? Not at all. It is logically explained with your physiological and emotional state. Due to the increase of the hormone progesterone you experience an emotional roller coaster that makes your dreams get more bright and surrealistic. So if you are lucky enough to sleep at night while pregnant (some women find it absolutely impossible) you can enjoy your cartoon dreams. And, by the way, the more often your uncontrolled bladder interrupts your sleep, the better you will remember those crazy dreams you have.
2. No More a Thumbelina 
Remember that fairy tale girl with small foot? Well, pregnancy is the real opposite. It makes your feet huge, and it’s not an exaggeration. Water and fluid that’s retained by your body while pregnant makes your feet swell. And they can grow up to the full shoe size. I don’t mean to scare you but sometimes they don’t turn back to the normal size after child birth. So you may probably say goodbye to your favourite Jimmy Choo shoes; either that or look forward to getting a whole new set of shoes!
3. 9 Month? Nope!
Actually 9 months is an approximate number. Usually pregnancy lasts for 40 weeks which makes 10 months. But it is possible to be pregnant even for a year. The record for the longest pregnancy today is 375 days. Who is actually able to stand that much?
4. Ugh… That Smell!
You can hear that all the time from a pregnant woman. Meanwhile you do not smell anything specific and you just think ‘What’s the matter with you?’ Actually that exaggerated sense of smell is easy to explain. Pregnant women have to protect the baby from harmful external influences. So smell sharpens to indicate what can be bad for a baby. Obviously smelly food tops the list of dangers. Forget about eating split pea soup.
5. Dark or Fair?
9 out of 10 women notice the change in skin tone during their pregnancy. Changes in hormone levels make this change happen so you’d better change the color of your concealer during your pregnancy. The skin also can be drier or more shiny, so if you are used to your normal skin type, get ready to change face cream while pregnant.
6. Big Bump – Big Heart
You get a lot of extra blood circulating around your body when you are pregnant. So your heart has to work harder. As a result it gets bigger so that it could pump blood to your baby and all important organs as well. You may feel your stronger heartbeat and fast pulse. Your blood pressure rates also change. Red cheeks? That’s all because of your blood as well, making you feel flushed and warm. That is actually a plus.
7. Forget-Me-Not?Actually being forgetful is a normal state during pregnancy. Left home without a key? Went shopping and didn’t buy what you planned? Forgot the place where you parked your car? No worries! At least you know that you are not alone and other pregnant women experience the same “pregnancy brain” disaster. This is caused by the lack of oxygen in your blood during pregnancy. So your memory will come back to you as soon as the baby appears.
9. Get Ready to a Pregnant Daddy!
Believe it or not, a man can steal your show even during pregnancy! A man may start sharing your pregnancy symptoms. They feel nausea and develop mood swings. They gain weight (usually around belly). They start being picky with food. Is it psychological syndrome or not, ‘sympathy weight’ or couvade syndrome is a real medical term now. And gets more and more popular among men. Seriously, that’s not even fair!
10. Double Pregnancy
Crazy but true! You can get pregnant while you are already pregnant. It is a rare phenomenon called superfetation. Your body may release an egg while your pregnant and if it is fertilized – then you are pregnant with two babies simultaneously. Sounds like fun…or not.

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