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Bedroom Tips Girls Secretly Want a Guy to Do
Sometimes, a woman’s body is so stunning and irresistible, all you can focus on is ripping her clothes off and ravaging her. And she’s down for that – but there needs to be a little intro to prepare her for the ride. Foreplay and getting creative is one of the most important things you can do to turn a woman on and get her juices flowing. Here’s some advice that she hasn’t shared with you, but is dying for you to try. Spoil her rotten with these tips. 
1. Lift her before you do the deed.
Women want to feel protected and dominated by a strong man at the same time. Amp up your pre-sex making out by lifting her up and holding her by the butt, wrapping your arms around her tight as she’s hoisted up. It manages to be romantic, as well as sexy and risky.

2. Tie her up, with consent of course.
You don’t need to dive headfirst into the world of bondage and domination. Instead, lightly tie her wrists with scarves. The sexiness of trusting someone else with your body and losing all control will turn her on in no time.

 3. Stroke her up and down with a feather.
You can lightly tie her up for this one as well, making sure that you’re the only one in control of giving her pleasure, and what she feels. Lightly trace her and her nerves will be on fire before you’re done teasing her. Glide it up and down her body and it might be even more erotic than a vibrator!

4. Petals and candles.Ok – this might sound cheesy and we’re seen it a thousand times in the movies, but girls secretly love that romance. Personalize it with her favorite flowers and an aphrodisiac candle. Put the petals up and down her body, and trace her with them like you did with the feather. The soft petals on her body interchanged with your lips will feel divine on her.

5. Slowly undress her.
If she’s wearing something sexy, she put effort into it and it was a conscious decision. Play with her lingerie. Savor each inch of her by slipping her panties very slowly off of her, or biting them with your teeth.

6. Surprise her by wearing a uniform.Women love role-play, especially a man in uniform. There’s nothing sexier than a fireman, military outfit, or even a police officer who takes control.

 7. Dedicate yourself to oral instead of a quick once-over.
Go down on her for more than five minutes. Don’t use teeth, and be responsive to her body language. Go slow. Spend as much time as you would expect on your own, and even longer. It takes girls a little longer to warm up.

8. Talk dirty to her.
This way, she can tell you what she wants you to do to her, and vice versa, all while getting her hot and bothered. This doesn’t just have to be limited to when you’re in the bedroom – before your special date, text her everything you’re looking forward to do to her, and all the sexy parts of her that you’re thinking about.

 9. A little bit of biting.
Try this out on the ear nipple lip or neck. It’s a way of introducing a tiny bit of pain and kink while still being totally mild and not scary at all. It ramps up the passion a lot, just don’t clamp down on that nipple too hard!

10. Play with her hair.
Guys love when a woman has long hair or keeps her locks healthy, but they should show that appreciation in the bedroom as well. If she likes it a little rougher, grab her hair and gently pull her head back while you kiss her neck. Or just stroke your nails through her hair, like a light massage and tingling her pressure points.
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