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How to Choose the Right Fitness Magazine for Men

How to Choose a Fitness Magazine for Men:
A complete guide to choosing a magazine that will Cater to Your Needs.
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Now onto the guide,
Fitness is a huge industry in North America, and one of the biggest Fitness Products available are fitness magazines.
There are literally hundreds to choose from, but the Big-3 are the ones I'm going to focus my attention on. The Big-3 consist of Men's Fitness, Muscle and Fitness, and Men's Health. All 3 offer their own sets of pros and cons, but which one is the best overall fitness magazine? To find out read on.Men's Fitness
Basic Info:
Topics Covered:
Average Number of Pages: 150 pages
Back of the Book add Space: 7 pages
Average Number of Add Pages: 60 pages
Table of Contents Pages: 2 pages
Number of Pages Left Over: 81 pages
Mens Fitness is the smallest page wise of the Big-3 but it makes up for it's lack of pages with a large collection of original articles, features, and workouts.
- Offers 2 to 3 original workouts every month
- Workouts are short and sweet, and I've seen results using them
- Least number of ad pages of the Big-3
- Success Story Every Month (Great Motivational Tool)
- Entertainment section is superb
- Celeberity and Athlete profiles are great
- Profiles a new sport every month
- Original Content is Excellent
- Offers the most Variety
- Best Magazine for people 14-30
- Least number of pages of the big-3
- Nutrtion section is too small
- No Pull-outs
Men's Health
Basic Info:
Topics Covered:
Fitness*Nutrition*Health*Sex*Relationships*Guy Knowledge*Misc
Average Number of Pages: 200 pages
Back of the Book add Space: 0 pages
Average Number of Add Pages: 95 pages
Table of Contents Pages: 3 pages
Number of Pages Left Over: 102 pages
Mens Health is a more mature magazine, aimed towards men entering their late 20's and early 30's. Although it does offer a lot of information for it's younger male readers, I've always felt a little too young to enjoy this magazine thoroughly, and I'm only 22.
- One Pull-out Workout Every Month
- Tons of mini workouts every month (Workouts focus everything from power to forearm strength)
- Largest Style section of the Big-3
- Perfect Form section (How to perform exercise properly)
- Tons of topics covered every issue (The issue I'm flipping through right now has articles on addiction, improving memory, building a home gym, supercharging you workout, and so much more)
- Mini fact boxes on select pages
- Celebrity Interviews
- Has the least fitness and nutrition information of the Big-3
- Thank god for the table of contents (The articles don't follow any particular order, although only a problem if you're a new reader)
Muscle & Fitness
Basic Info:Topics Covered:
Average Number of Pages: 250 pages
Back of the Book add Space: 8 pages
Average Number of Add Pages: 137 pages
Table of Contents Pages: 2 pages
Number of Pages Left Over: 103 pages
Muscle & Fitness is directed toward the hardcore bodybuilder. It has the most pages, the most ads, but also the most fitness and workout content.
Muscle & Fitness avoids the entertainment, sex and relationship, and style sections, and focuses almost all of it's content on fitness.
- Greatest number of pages of the Big-3
- Incredibly fitness orientated
- Up to 10 workouts per issue
- Exercise Pull-out (Binder can be bought through Muscle & Fitness)
- Great Nutrition section
- Includes Real Workouts that Pro Bodybuilders use
- Too many ads (Half the magazine is advertising)
- Workouts are useless to the average person (Can bring on Overtraining if user isn't eating/sleeping enough)
Final Verdict:
1. Men's Fitness:
In my opinion Men's Fitness offers the best workouts, content, and advice for the average individual. The number of topics covered is phenomenal, the writing style is easy to understand, and most articles are short enough to hold you attention span.
I also feel that Men's Fitness is the most organized of the Big-3. Even though it is the shortest of the Big-3, I feel that it's superb content makes it #1.
2. Men's Health:

Men's Health is second on my list only because Muscle & Fitness is more directed towards bodybuilders. Men's Health doesn't offer enough Full Workouts to be considered #1. The fact that Men's Health is directed towards an older audience also puts it at #2.
3. Muscle & Fitness:
If you're interested in professional bodybuilding, or you are already a professional bodybuilder you don't need me to tell you that Muscle & Fitness should be #1 on your list.
However, if you're an average male, Muscle & Fitness shouldn't even be considered in the top-3. My reasoning behind this, the workouts are just far too difficult for the average male to see any results on. Unless you're eating every 2 hours, getting 8-10 hours of sleep at night, have the money to buy top-end supplements and have anywhere from 2-3 hours a day to train, Muscle & Fitness is far too advanced for you.
I'm not taking anything away from Muscle & Fitness, as it is by far the best Men's magazine for workouts, it's just too bad the workouts are so grueling.
I hope you've enjoyed this guide, and I hope it has offered you some information on your Fitness Magazine choices.
Remember that each magazine is directed at a different audience, and the only real way to know which one is right for you is to check out each one.
Thank you,
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